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This past weekend, nearly 20 local vehicles took part in chassis certification, in order to make sure the vehicles that will eventually be racing have been properly designed and assembled up to safety regulations.

Such inspections, done through sonic testing, are required for cars that can travel a quarter mile in less than ten seconds, which is a regular occurrence throughout the Raceway’s summer season.

As a bonus to race spectators, the pit area will now be open to those in attendance during the lunch break, allowing a closer look at the automobiles and the ability to talk to the drivers one-on-one.

The Northern Lights Raceway is located east of Fort St. John just off 100 Ave (Airport Road), east of the traffic circle.

There will also be a 2012 season meeting on April 25th at 8 p.m. at the Fort St. John Legion. The Raceway encourages everyone wishing to participate this year’s season to attend.

For more information on the upcoming racing season or the Northern Lights Raceway, visit the official website.

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