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The eight team tournament divided the two Fort St. John players, with Hartman representing the Bruins, while Bateman played for the Wild.

Hartman and the Bruins started off their championship winning weekend beating the Canucks 4-3 with a nail biting finish, as the team scored the game-winning-goal with only 15 seconds remaining in regulation. Hartman put his fingerprint on the team’s first game, setting up the Bruins second goal.

Saturday morning, Bateman and Hartman squared off as the Bruins took on the Wild. The morning game had Bateman and his Wild double up on the eventual championship winning Bruins 4-2.

Later that day, the Bruins took on the undefeated Leafs, handing them their first loss of the tournament 3-1, with Hartman once again making an impression, scoring the game-winner in the third period.

With the win, the Bruins moved into a tie with the Leafs in the tournament standings, but because of the afternoon victory, the Bruins were awarded the tie-breaker, thus earning a spot in the tournament finals.

It was close finals between the Bruins and the Sabres, with the Bruins emerging victorious in a very tightly contested final game, winning 4-2.

Following a successful tournament, forty of the 160 players will receive invitations to attend tryouts for Team B.C. this upcoming summer.

For a full look at the tournament statistics, visit the tournament’s official website.

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