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This is part of the Project Definition Consultation part of the project.

In addition, B.C. Hydro is seeking feedback on Highway 29 preferred realignments, outdoor recreation, and the use of the 85th Avenue industrial lands. Those in attendance will be given a guidebook with information on each of those topics, and will be asked for specific feedback on each. General comments will also be accepted. After Hydro’s presentation, there will also be time for a question and answer period, as well as experts to speak to about each subject.

Open houses will also be held from 6 – 9 p.m. in Hudson’s Hope on April 18, Dawson Creek on April 23 and Chetwynd on April 24.

B.C. Hydro spokesperson Dave Conway encourages anyone with an interest in the project to attend.

“The information from these sessions and the information from the feedback form is used to help us inform the planning process and help us to plan for mitigation of potential project impacts,” he says, “so it’s really important that we get their feedback and their perspective.”

If you are unable to make a meeting, information and feedback methods are available online. The deadline for public and stakeholder feedback is May 31, 2012.

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