Vagina Monologues open in Fort St. John

Starting tonight, 15 local women from all walks of life will be talking about one of the world's most taboo topics – vaginas.

The Vagina Monologues is an internationally acclaimed theatrical performance that brings women’s issues and experiences to the forefront of everyday conversations. Over 200 women of all ages and backgrounds were interviewed, sometimes asked about their lady parts for the first time ever.

The event is put on by the Fort St. John Women's Resource Centre, with 10 per cent of proceeds going towards the V-Day campaign, a global movement to end violence against women and girls worldwide. The rest is fundraised for the Resource Centre, which helps over 250 different women each month.

Executive Director Emily Goodman says, "Some of the stories are really relatable, and others challenge us a bit more and all of those stories and experiences are really important to shape the entire experience of what it is to be a woman." The monologues range from laugh out loud hilarious to thought provoking and tear jerking. New monologues this year includes a spoken word/interpretive dance tribute to women from Haiti, the Congo and New Orleans, and the fed up plea, "Over It".

Karma Pratt, one of the performers, explains that participating in the Vagina Monologues helps bring people past their comfort level: "We have to get past our feelings of discomfort and recognize the vagina for the sacred vessel that it is."

Men, fear not; This event is for you too. Last year approximately a third of the audience was made up of men, who left with a better appreciation of women, as well as more than a few laughs. Goodman insists, "it's not a show that alienates you as a man. It's topics and conversations and issues that resonate with anyone."

If you've seen the Vagina Monologues before, come again! This year's performance is completely different than ever before, with a more intimate and engaging setting "in the round" and less than a hundred tickets a night. This year there are four scheduled Vagina Monologue performances, starting tonight at the Quality Inn Northern Grand. The event runs for four night: March 2, 3, 9, 10 with doors and cocktails at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are available weekdays at the North Peace Cultural Centre box office, online or by calling 785-1992. Limited tickets will be available at the door.


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