RCMP continue to investigate death at Hedley concert

Staff Sergeant of the Dawson Creek RCMP, Milo Macdonald, says this amount of time is important for a proper investigation, as it is quite a complex situation with numerous witnesses who were present during the time of the indecent.

He said that interviewing witnesses needs to be a thorough procedure, “to make sure everyone we interview is talking about the same incident.”

Staff Sergeant Mcdonald is referring to the fact that witnesses could have seen a variety of altercations that evening, and the RCMP must be sure they are gathering accurate evidence for this specific case.

Along with talking to witnesses, RCMP is also using the help of video surveillance to help determine exactly what took place the evening of the Hedley concert.

Other than specifically identifying what took place the evening of Feb. 14, Staff Sergeant Mcdonald says the investigation is fairly straight forward and there haven’t been any other issues in the investigation, other than the clarity of witnesses.

He says it is normal for these types of investigations to take some time, as there is a lot of information for the RCMP to process.  

RCMP have not placed a specific timeline as to when more information will be released, but says that Crown Council will begin reviewing the investigation in approximately one month, a review which Staff Sergeant Mcdonald feels will take a full month to conduct.