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Wonowon closer to new playground

In September, the provincial government announced $8 million for playgrounds across the province, including $50,000 to upgrade Wonowon's outdated equipment.

"Well-planned school playgrounds provide unique learning environments for our children and are an important part of their school experience," said Education Minister George Abbott. "They are an extension of the classroom
and help promote fun and healthy activity for kids at school."

Wonowon was identified by the school district as a school without a playground and wanting one. Its current play area has makeshift monkey bars made out of pipes, a swing set and slide, a teeter totter and a merry-go-round.

Now the project will go through the process of figuring out how to best stretch the funding, as District Treasurer Doug Boyd says $50,000 can only go so far. If all goes well, the playground will hopefully be built this summer.

Wonowon is school to 45 students, many of Russian-German background, 85 kilometres north of Fort St. John. In addition to its current outdoor play area, it also has a gymnasium and a hockey rink.

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