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Executives met with businesses in a round-table setting at the Pomeroy Hotel Tuesday to find out what the demand for another airline might be. Unsurprisingly, Executive Tim Morgan says he heard about the city’s desire for competition and lower rates.

“People were quite excited about it and we’re looking forward to having a third alternative, and everybody would enjoy that simply by the fact that they have choices,” adding, “Hopefully we offer a choice that would work and be acceptable not only to Energet but to the travelling public.

Enerjet’s single Boeing-737 can carry up to 149 people and would be looking into flying to high demand areas like Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Price is yet to be determined, but Morgan says it would be a “happy price”.

Currently, Enerjet’s aircraft is only rented out to a single customer. Morgan says that the company is always looking to expand, and if there was a demand, it would look into another aircraft.

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