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The race is a 5-10 km road course style circuit with a LeMans style (dead engine) mass start.

The event is being hosted by the G.P. Motocross Association, and is fully insured under the Canadian Motosport Racing Corporation.

“Studs on Ice” will feature a variety of race classes, including Pro Class Bikes over 400cc, Pro Class Quad open to all including 4×4 sport quads, Amateur Bikes over and under 400cc, Ameteer Quad, “Metal Mulisha” 6 hour class and “Tin Man” 3 hours solo class.

All the vehicles will be ice friendly, as they will all be equipped with custom lined, ice racing tires with tall ice racing studs.

The races won’t be lacking any speed, as Pro Class riders will reach speeds of up to 140 km/h on big straights and electronic scoring will provide up-to-the-minute race reports throughout the event.

The event is open to motocross and trail off-road bikes, as well as two or four wheel drive sport and sport utility ATVs. Street bikes are also legal, but will not be scored for series points.

Riders will range in age from 16 year old novices up to 60 year old former national motorcycle racing champions.

The average race hosts 20-60 teams, comprised of 4-10 riders and crew members.

Gate fees cost $5 per person or $20 per car load. The event is considered a motorsports competition and therefore is a no alcohol, family oriented event.

For spectators, plow truck rides will also be available during the races, which will cost $5 for two laps. While riding the trucks, observers will have the opportunity to see the racers fly by them mid-race.

All proceeds from the event will go towards the non-profit Grande Prairie Motocross Association.

For more information on the event, visit either the AEIRA official website, or the G.P. Motocross official website.

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