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On the other side of Centennial Park, the professional ice carvers put the finishing touches on their 3-day pieces. At the end of the day, the judges made their decision, and the public was invited to choose their favourite sculpture.

The three day festival ended with the lighting of the sponsor ice tower, which melted in spectacular fashion.

This year’s winners are listed below along with photos from the day:


Media Ice Carving Competition

1. Alaska Highway News

2. Northest News

3. Moose FM


Mayor’s Challenge

1. Taylor


Amateur Ice Carving Competition

1. Meadow River (Angela Lamothe, Dave Lamothe, Sarah Conkin, Nathan Conkin)

2. Joie de Vivre (Suzon Anne Tremblay, Laurie Petrucci, Nicola Hedges)

3. Ice Breakers (Andrew Blaney, Charity Blaney)

4. Nature vs. Nurture

5. Urban Systems


Professional Single Block Competition

1. Dean Murray from U.S.A. 

2. Chris Foltz from U.S.A.

3. Ilya Filimontsev from Russia

4. Peter Vogelaar from Canada

5. David Ducharme from Canada

6. Denis Kleine from Canada

7. TIE between John McKinnon from Canada and Wojay Poynter from U.S.A.


Professional Ice Carving Team Competition

Realistic category

1. Dean Murray and Chris Foltz from U.S.A. “Shhhhh…Calming the Fire”

2. David Ducharme and Jesse Forrester (Fort St. John) from Canada “The Chase”

3. Wojay Poynter and Benjamin Roseanbaum from U.S.A. “Rise of the New Year”


Abstract category

1. Ilya Filimontsev from Russia “Melodies of the Wind”

2. Peter Vogelaar and Carl Schlichting from Canada “The Higgs Boson”

3. John McKinnon & Denis Kleine from Canada “A Windy Day in the Park”


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