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Johnston’s presentation featured a variety of topics including re-defining user groups based on a determined age bracket, the benefits of indoor and outdoor leisure activities resulting from the usage of the city’s facilities, specific types of fees as well as possible future changes.

Following Johnston’s presentation, Council passed a motion to instruct staff to form fees and bylaws outlining future changes, which will be brought back for discussion during future council meetings.

However, the was one issue that Council agreed strongly upon, which was exemption to implement fees to use the Northern Vac walking track at the Pomeroy Sport Centre. Council agreed that regardless of the potential changes, the walking track would remain free of charge.

Fort St. John City Manager Dianne Hunter spoke about the possible changes, saying she doesn’t want to rush into anything. She would prefer to take time on this issue as to not make the wrong decisions.

Mayor Lori Ackerman also spoke on the issue, saying that if fees are to be implemented for leisure facilities, indoors or outdoors, annual general meetings will have to be held by user groups, in order to ensure the city’s facilities are still available to use on a regular basis. Potential changes could allow facilities to be rented by the general public, which could affect the schedules of leagues and regular users of the facilities.  

The City will construct fees and bylaw outlines, which will be reviewed and voted upon at a future City Council meeting. 

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