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The local precipitation and snowfall norms for December are 26.5 millimetres and 32.4 centimetres.  

In addition, the local airport weather station recorded below average precipitation totals in four of the last five months of the year, totalling only 120 millimetres. That is significantly less than the 183.4 average, or the 181 millimetres which was received in the same five month period in the previous year.

However, by recording 321.4 millimetres in June and July, more than twice the norm for those two months, Fort St. John finished 2011 with a total of 638.8 millimetres.

While that is more than 100 off the all-time annual record of 744.4 set back in 1957, it is also 173 millimetres more than the 12 month average of 465.8.

It is also 294 more than the 2010 drought year total of 344.8.    

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