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Manhunt for child abductor Randall Hopley comes to the Peace Region

The abduction of a three-year-old boy from his bedroom in Sparwood, BC sparked a massive manhunt across B.C. and Alberta for the child and his abductor, 46-year old Randall Hopley.

The search turned briefly to the Peace Region after a hitchhiker with a young boy was seen between Dawson Creek and Chetwynd. The reported sighting turned out not to be the suspect, however not before several roadblocks were setup around the Peace Region.

The boy was returned home a few days later unharmed and Hopley was caught the next day near the Alberta border.

Flash Floods become an annual event

For the second year in a row, Fort St. John experienced a flash flood in July. A massive rainstorm in 2011 soaked the already wet ground to the max and caused several streets and even more basements to be flooded around town. Around the same time in 2010, a record rainstorm in a short amount of time caused even worse flooding.

Province announces long-term goal to four-lane the highway between Fort St. John & the Alberta Border

The Ministry of Transportation announced a long term goal to twin the main highways servicing the lucrative energy industry of Northeastern BC.

While the complete four-laning will take many years to complete, and the Government has not announced a timeline or budget figures required for the full project, construction will start in 2012 with improvements to the following areas:

Highway 2 – widening the highway to four lanes for 3.3 kilometres between Tupper Creek and Rusheinski Rd.
Highway 2 – Widening the Tupper Creek Bridge and 4-mile culvert to four lanes.
Highway 2 – Widening a three km stretch of highway from Rolla Rd. to 1st St.
Highway 2 – Blockline southbound passing lane and intersection improvements
Highway 97 – Widening a two km stretch of highway at the bottom of the South Taylor Hill
Highway 97 – Constructing a northbound passing lane at Farmington Fairways

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