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The mobile home was located off of 85 Avenue in the Peace Country Mobile Home Park.

The residence is home to two adults and three children, as well as the family cat. The cat has not been seen since the blaze broke out, and Fire Chief Fred Burrows says the door was well dead bolted and the window would have been too hot for it to get out through.

The Fort St. John fire department received the call just after 11:45 a.m., and responded before the fire could spread to the neighbouring homes. Due to heavy winds this morning, it’s possible one neighbour may have received some smoke damage. Those heavy winds will make the investigation difficult, according to Burrows, as it will be hard to determine the start of the fire.

As the building was a modular home, it is likely the fire spread quickly. Fire crews have been on the scene for over two hours now, and are currently dealing with leftover hot spots.

The family is expected back in Fort St. John tomorrow, and neighbours say they have a place to stay temporarily. Neighbours say both the renters and owners of the mobile home have insurance. 

We will update once we hear of opportunities to make donations for this family who has lost everything but what they took in their suitcases this holiday.

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