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As there has been overwhelming support from the public, Thompson is looking forward to a positive response from the Passenger Transport Board.

“I think with the people pushing hard and supporting me, that I’m probably going to get a couple licences.”

In the past, licence applications have been denied because the Board believes there are enough licences in the city already, and enough public support hasn’t been shown. 500 letters of support were included in his original application, and several others have been submitted more recently, including one from MLA Pat Pimm.

Thompson argues, “The Board said I needed proof for public need… 500 letters is proof.” In addition, he says Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman met with Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Blair Lekstrom last Friday to discuss the issue.

Despite not yet having heard a response, Thompson is already thankful for the support he’s received from the community, including Ackerman and council, Manon Joice and the Aboriginal Business Centre, local media and the public who’ve written in.

However, not everyone in the city is supportive of Thompson’s plan; Leonard Aylward, President of Fort St. John Cabs and Teco Taxi, has officially expressed his opposition through a letter to the Passenger Transport Board. He says the 23 licenses he currently holds are more than enough.

Thompson has responded with another letter, explaining that Fort St. John is a growing city, with a new hospital and possible dam being built. He expects to find out the response soon, as the process generally takes between two and seven weeks.

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