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He says, “I am very pleased with the public’s decision to keep fluoridation, as it helps to prevent tooth decay for our most vulnerable populations, such as young children and seniors.”

He also notes, in a series of supportive arguments, that fluoridation has been identified by the Centre for Disease Control, as one of the ten greatest public health achievements of the 20th century.

“Fluoridation is the cheapest and safest community intervention currently available. Therefore, it is Northern Health’s hope that more communities will start the fluoridation practice.

The fluoride debate in Fort St. John was a heated one, as residents flooded into the Lido Theatre for an information session given by two doctors with opposing views, with those against fluoridation with the loudest objections.

The final numbers showed 1,500 eligible voters supported continuation of a fluoridated water supply in the city, while 1,102 were opposed.

Doctor Badenhorst concludes his editorial statement by simply saying, “Well Done Fort St. John.”

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