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All residents of the village were encouraged to participate, although winners from the previous year were not eligible for prizes this year. About 15 houses were judged by a panel of Mayor Larry Fynn, councillor Red Merrick and fire chief Greg Harsch on the evening of Dec. 15.

The first-place finisher was Malcolm Supernault of 4817 57 Avenue, whose efforts earned him $300 from the Village of Pouce Coupe.

“He had done his whole yard in various colours and figurines, and it was very attractive,” said Mayor Fynn about the winning house.

He said the second-place finisher was also very picturesque, and impressive because most of the decorations were handmade. The home, locate at 4721 56 Avenue, featured eight murals drawn and painted by resident Kris Weipert. The paintings depict various Christmas scenes, from a nativity scene, to a portrait of the devious Dr. Seuss character, “The Grinch,” and her latest piece, a very festive-looking “Whinnie the Pooh.”

Weipert said she has been painting all her life, and now that her children are all grown up, she has more time to spend on her passion. She said it takes about a week to finish painting and varnishing the pieces, and she has been adding to her display every year since 2005.

“I enjoy coming out here and looking,” she said on why she goes to all of that effort every Christmas season, adding she also enjoys the comments she receives from the people who come by every year, from little children to seniors.

Her display also featured Christmas trees, snowmen, and even a sleigh complete with Santa and his reindeer, all made from wire and lights. Her efforts earned her $200 from the Village.

The third-place finished, Pat and Peggy Millsap at 463 Millsap Road, won $100 for their efforts. An honourable mention was given to Edward Kutzner at 5106 49 Avenue.

Fynn said it was very encouraging to see some of the villages newest residents participating, and he said as the community continues to grow, hopefully so to will the decorations.

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