This holiday season, all of our Supporters are entered to win an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway!

With outstanding community support – unmatched anywhere else in the province – the local branch has been the provincial sales champion now for eight consecutive years, and this year, store Manager Warren Mears and his staff, are bidding for a ninth consecutive sellout.

“We have 4,800 bears: 2,400 to sell to customers and 2,400 to give out to the community. We were getting phone calls before the campaign even started this year wanting bears, so there’s a huge demand for them. Normally if we sell out, we usually give about 3,000 bears plus. Out of the 2,400 that customers buy, about 600 of them get donated back approximately to the community.”

There are about half a dozen local charity groups waiting to receive and distribute the bears and others are invited to get involved by calling 250-787-3405.

However, this year another sellout has become anything, but a sure thing, as the local outlet still had about 800 bears in stock this morning, and the sales deadline, is 6:00 p.m. Saturday night.

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This holiday season, we want to give back to the people who have supported us this year!

We have partnered with local businesses to create an $800 Shopping Spree Giveaway! One of our Supporters will win the giveaway on December 2 and anyone who becomes one by December 1 will be entered to win as well.

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