Support local news and get a FREE mug! was founded by a group of local investors and media professionals all based in the Peace Region, with strong ties to Dawson Creek. Before we started the site, we hired local news and sales staff in Dawson Creek and our team made the best effort we could to deliver timely and relevant news and to solicit advertising support from the community of Dawson Creek.

Unfortunately, while thousands of visitors come to visit every day, we were unable to secure enough advertisers to support the site at a level that would make it financially viable. We heard over and over again about how much Dawson Creek wanted a local news site like, and we’ve heard from countless readers that value the work we’ve done, but we were not able to secure near enough support from businesses, organizations and local government in Dawson Creek to make ends meet.

It is with our undying gratitude that we thank the readers of and the advertisers that did support us and showed they believed in our product. We truly appreciate your support. Sadly, there were just not enough advertisers combined to make it work. We would also like to thank the efforts of our staff in Dawson Creek.

As open minded entrepreneurs, we are always open to finding solutions to problems; if you have any ideas or are willing to take over the site and see it continue, please get in touch with us (  We believe in the concept, and we have seen it work in other markets, but it seems we are simply before our time in Dawson Creek.

We will continue to deliver news and content for the Peace Region on our sister site, We hope you will join us there.

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