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The book was released on October 26, 2011, and has already seen some success on websites like

As someone who admits he rarely travels out of Fort St. John, his birth city, Bolin says the talk show circuit was a surprising experience for him. Although he had an idea of what to expect from experience with the media as a councillor and realtor, he admits the whole process was a surprise to him.

“It kind of blows your mind when what you think you’re watching on TV with the couch and the windows and all that, you get there and it’s a little 8×10 set you’re crammed into.”

The tour also helped Bolin start to realize that there are a lot of people with debt problems who don’t know where to go to get help or are too scared to try. He recalls that after one show in Portland, Oregon, a cameraman approached him after the segment was filmed, and asked if he could speak with him off camera for some advice he could give his struggling children.

In a nutshell, that’s why Bolin set out to write Take Charge.

“I wanted to be able to show people that no matter what stage of their life they’re in, the change is possible for them to be able to attract everything they want in their lives.”

The book is a self-improvement guide, that details how Bolin went from being an overweight, drug-abusing, high school dropout working at a gas station to a successful family man, who co-owns three B.C. realty companies.

“I couldn’t grasp why my life wasn’t what I wanted as a kid, so as I started to write I started to realize my life’s not like that because I didn’t put anything into motion to make it like that.”

So he designed different systems that he could put in motion, and once he changed his attitude and thinking, he says he changed his life. Turned off by other self-help books that tell you “how they think you should do it, but won’t tell you how to get there”, Bolin set out to share his experiences, in the hopes other can improve their lives as well.

“There’s no secret out there that people need to hunt for or find or read books to get. The secret’s inside each one of us, and as long as you’re willing to explore yourself, you’ll find the secret.”

While sales have been good so far, the reward for Bolin is the people who come back and tell him that something in the book helped them.

“They may be the ones that take the jump forward, but for every jump forward they make, it’s like I get a little piece of that, because I know I was at least there to help them do it.”

Take Charge and Change Your Life Today is the first in a three part series that has already been written. The second is due to be published in November of next year, and the third in 2013. Although he’s now taking a break for the holiday, Bolin will be back on the circuit next year, with at least 14 more appearances booked, including Martha Stewart Living.

For more information on Take Charge and Change Your Life Today, visit Bolin’s website.

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