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B.C. Hydro is replacing all of its customers’ meters with smart meters, that will transmit hourly information about electricity consumption.

She says the company is not doing enough to notify its customers about the new meters.

She explains, “BC Hydro is required by law to tell their customers the purpose
for collecting personal information for the smart meters project, what legal authority they have to do so and to provide contact information for a BC Hydro employee who can answer any questions that arise regarding collection,” adding, “Hydro is not currently meeting this requirement, and we’ve made some recommendations to help them improve their customer notification.”

Denham’s report includes 14 recommendations to improve B.C. Hydro’s privacy and security practices, which the organisation has committed to addressing. Those recommendations include developing more comprehensive web pages and paper notices to inform customers about the reasons for information collection, and not keeping customer personal information indefinitely.

The privacy investigation was prompted by hundreds of complaints from residents.

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