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The Dawson Creek RCMP reported earlier this week that at least 20 dogs have been reported missing in the past several weeks from neighbourhoods in the city, as well as surrounding communities such as Bear Mountain, Tomslake and Rolla. All the dogs reported stolen were of medium to large-sized breeds of a gentle temperament. Police have not determined a motive behind the thefts so far.

The latest victim is Kango, a three-year-old Brindle Bullmastiff-St. Bernard cross. Owner Talyn Krantz said she went out to the yard of her downtown home this morning to feed her two dogs, and Kango was missing. She said she has no doubt that her dog was stolen, as there is no way he could have escaped the yard on his own, and her other, smaller dog was still there.

“There were tracks,” she added. “I could see the dog’s tracks, and then all of a sudden they just disappeared, so it looked like it was put into a vehicle or something.”

Krantz said she has no idea why somebody would want to steal her dog, other than a rumour she heard that there are people around who are training pitbulls for dog fights. She added she had heard about similar dog-knappings that happened around the same time last year.

“It’s completely devastating,” she said about the loss of Kango. “People get quite attached to their animals.”

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Kango is asked to contact Talyn Krantz at 250-219-5379.

Katie Vipond, a resident of the South Dawson area, had her beloved pooch, Rhyden, a two-year-old Brindle Boxer, taken from her about three-and-a-half weeks ago. Vipond said she also has no doubt Rhyden was stolen.

“He never goes away, but he just vanished out of the blue a one o’clock in the afternoon. We let him out, and that was it, he was just gone,” said Vipond.

She said it wasn’t uncommon for the dog to go visit with her neighbours or chase other animals, but he always returned home. She said no one in the neighbourhood saw him that day. She added Rhyden certainly fits the description of the type of dogs that have been stolen.

“He is the friendliest dog ever. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, and he would so with anybody, he thinks everybody is his friend,” she said.

Vipond said losing Rhyden is like losing a member of their family.

“He is our baby. We have had him since the day he was born. He slept with us every night in our bed he was just like our little baby,” she said.

A picture of Rhyden has been included above, and anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact Katie Vipond at 250-219-2614.

Anyone with information regarding these or other stolen dogs is asked to contact the Dawson Creek RCMP at (250) 784-3721, or phone Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).   

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