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Starting February 1, 2012, Calvin Gunning, Jordan Ramos, Jordan Reno and Joshua Toth will hear testimony from witnesses via video from Fort St. John. The judge made the decision to have the judge and defendants appear in Prince George in order to continue the trial quickly. The trial is currently scheduled for three days, to hear testimony from the remaining crown witnesses.

Over 200 charges have been laid against the young men after numerous people suffered injuries at a party at the popular drinking location off of the 103 Road. Each man is accused of 40 assault and weapons charges, including pointing a firearm and using a firearm in the commission of an offence, as well as uttering threats and mischief.

As the fifth man accused, Jeremy Jondreau, was not in court for the last week of the trial in November due to a medical issue, an earlier trial date has been set for the judge to decide how his case will proceed. He will no longer be part of the trial with the other four accused.

Administrative Crown Counsel Paul Swartz explains that a trial can’t continue against someone in their absence, as they’re entitled to hear all the evidence against them. His hearing will take place January 11, 2012 in Fort St. John, and a decision is expected before the trial begins in February.

Ramos, Reno and Toth all remain in custody, while Gunning and Jondreau are out on bail. Both Reno and Toth were also granted bail, but Reno has been unable to come up with the large amount requested, and Toth is back in jail due to an unrelated matter. If Toth serves his sentence before the trial for this matter is concluded, he will be free, unless an application is submitted to have his bail revoked. There has been no application to have Ramos released on bail.

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