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His design was to create a competitive service, with lower rates and better service. However, Leonard Aylward, President of Fort St. John Cabs and Teco Taxi, has officially expressed his opposition through a letter to the Passenger Transport Board.

In it he reiterates that he believes Fort St. John has more than enough taxi licenses, and that another taxi service would hurt his employees’ wages. He maintains that the city only requires 7 to 10 taxis at a time, out of his 23 cab fleet, an argument he’s used in other oppositions to new companies.

Thompson’s proposed flag rates would start at $3.00 with an additional $1.91 per kilometre, which are 53 and 39 per cent lower than Aylward’s respectively. He suggests this will cause “serious dissatisfaction” with the travelling public.

Thompson’s character is also brought into question in the objection letter, pointing out that he worked on and off for Teco Taxi, suggesting to Aylward that he does not have any “viable experience in running a successful business”.

Instead, Aylward argues that if any further licenses are approved for the city, they should be given to his companies.

“We believe the public will not be well served by the introduction of this additional license which will dilute the income of our drivers and result in a general lessening of profitability for our companies.”

Another proposal for a handicapped accessible taxi license, which Aylward also opposed, was recently rejected by the Passenger Transport Board, saying it didn’t show enough public need.

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