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In more bad news for fair-weather lovers, like last year, this is another La Nina year, which is a climate pattern affecting the Pacific region that is characterized by colder-than-normal water collecting off the coast of South America. While it typically results in colder winters and a cool, lingering spring, it has often been observed to result in unseasonably warm weather in the following late summer and early fall months. La Nina was at least partly responsible for the severe storms and heavy snowfalls experienced in many parts of the province last winter.

Although there’s no promise of heavy snowfall this winter, it is expected to be a long one. However, while winter will be cold and linger, Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist says it’s not predicted to be exceptionally cold, as the La Nina isn’t as strong as last year. La Nina normally drops average temperatures by one or two degrees, but winters have been getting warmer since the mid-1980’s.

Lundquist says it’s likely that temperatures will be on par with the average, but it will only feel colder because residents have forgotten what that feels like, saying, “Even if we get back to winters that are closer to the long-term average, we have forgotten what that’s like, so it will probably feel cold anyways, even if it ends up being average.”

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