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Grade 10 to 12 students can either attend a school-based course or take the language through Distance Education if they choose to continue with their learning. Both of those options are fully funded as well. However, as FSL is not mandated past grade 8, there is no additional funding for the classes, and the cost of any classes held is taken on by the School District.

Further problems are presented for students in rural schools. If not enough students are interested in taking FSL, no grade 9 course is offered at all. The School District is currently funding two students who are taking the class by correspondence.

Board Trustee Linda Sewell and Director of Instruction Stephen Petrucci feel that as French is one of Canada’s official languages, school districts should be receiving funding for students who wish to learn it. This issue was first brought forward at the November 7 Education Committee Meeting, when Sewell suggested that this situation is bound to be happening at other rural schools.

At Monday’s meeting, the committee put forth a resolution that the B.C. School Trustees Association urge the Ministry of Education to provide funds through Distance Education for grade 9 FSL in rural schools with limited enrolment. The resolution will be brought forward at the next School Board meeting.

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