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Thirteen teams will be competing in the SunLife Financial Competitive Division, which is currently being led by Kurt Balderson and his team.

The Encana Challenge Division will have 12 teams competing for top spot, and Jeff Henricks and his squad enter the weekend with a two point lead for first in the division.

Finally, eight junior teams will participate in the Canwest Group Benefits Junior Division, which will be taking place on Sunday, Nov.27.

Draws will begin to take place Friday, Nov.25 at 2 p.m. with finals taking place Sunday at 3:30.

The top five teams in the entire curling tour will advance to the tour championships in January, being held in Sexsmith. They will be joined by the Super League qualifiers, which will be determined in December.

To view the current tour standings, visit the tournament’s official website, and for specific results of the Dawson Creek portion of the tour, please visit the Dawson Creek Curling Club’s official website.

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