She is one of 150 national and international students to be selected for the summer program which runs out of Toronto. Keily will study there for the month of July 2012.

Canada’s National Ballet School is one of the world’s top training institutions for young aspiring dancers and teachers, attracting students from nationally, as well as globally. The school’s alumni perform in over 65 companies world-wide, and dance for prestigious institutions such as The National Ballet of Canada, American Ballet Theatre and London’s Royal Ballet.

The school is also the only ballet academy within North America that provides top level training, academic instruction and residential care on the same campus. Its emphasis on the physical and emotional well-being of its students has put the school at the forefront of international dance training.

While studying in the Summer School program, approximately 50 of the 150 students will be offered a place in the school’s full-time professional ballet and post-secondary programs. The selection process for such programs is solely based on a dancer’s talent and is something that Keily “would definitely like to try out.”

Studying at a summer dance school is nothing new to the 13 year-old Fort St. John ballerina. The past two summers, Keily has studied with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Winnipeg, Manitoba, an experience she says “helped her grow as a dancer and a person.”

She says being accepted into Canada’s National Ballet School summer program is very rewarding, and she is looking forward to seeing the difference in styles between the Toronto school and the other ballet schools she has studied with.

Stewart also talked about pursing a career in dance, saying “I’d love to, I really enjoy dancing, I work hard at it and push myself constantly. Right now I defintely want to be a dancer.”

Keily Stewart has been dancing her entire life, registering for her first classes only months after she was able to stand on her own two feet. Recently, her passion for dancing earned her first place in the B.C. Performing Arts Provincial Competition for Level 1, which also included tap and jazz.

She will be competing in her first competition of the year this coming December, when she heads south, to compete at the JUMP Dance Convention in Vancouver, B.C.