The community also elected a majority of new councillors, voting out incumbents Joanne Roberts (122 votes) and Kathy Weaver (215). One incumbent, Counc. Bob Nicolson (247) stands while new candidates Alec Brownlee (223), Rochelle Galbraith (224), Don Harris (227), Ernest Pfanner (315), and Laura Weisgerber (299) will also join council.

“I’m certainly pleased with the outcome of the election looking over the list of councillors, I’m happy to work with all six of them. I think there’s a potential for a good council in the people elected today,” said Nicholson.

It’s exciting, I’m looking forward to working with them all, it’s a good crew, they’ve got terrific stripes, I think we have a great council coming up here,” he adds.

This election saw 413 voters of an eligible 1,682, approximately 24.5%.

“It would have been more satisfying to see a larger turnout…I really don’t have a basis for comment on why people did come out, maybe their happy with the way council has been running, maybe they don’t care, I don’t know,” said Nicholson.