Fort St. John Municipal Election results for Mayor, Councillor and Fluoride Referendum

Below are the full results from the Fort St. John Municipal Election.


Candidate Votes Elected
Lori Ackerman 1269 X
Don Irwin 1209  
Mike Murray 198  


Candidate Votes Elected
Trevor Bolin 1742 X
Bruce Christensen 1614 X
Dan Davies 1749 X
Larry Evans 1831 X
Brandon Joice 403  
Gord Klassen 1693 X
Carol Kube 475  
Sarah Palmer 907  
Dan Pope 589  
Byron Stewart 1296 X
Tamara Wilkinson 656  

Fluoride Referendum

Yes 1510
No 1102

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout Number of Eligible Voters Percentage
2710 12,828 21%


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