Here are the results from the Dawson Creek Municipal Election.  Mayor Mike Bernier was re-elected by acclamation.  There are six spots open for Councillor in Dawson Creek.

Candidate Votes Elected
Trevor Allaby 376  
James Bridges 603  
Trina Commandeur 188  
Raymond Fromme 703  
Sue Kenny 772 X
Cory Longley 518  
David MacDonald 514  
Duncan Malkinson 867 X
Terry McFadyen 747 X
Miles Mortensen 81  
Charlie Parslow 893 X
Doug Ragan 388  
Cheryl Shuman 825 X
Shaely Wilbur 721 X
Linda Winfield 211  

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout Number of Eligible Voters Percentage
1668 7106 23.4%

School District 59 School Board Trustee

The following trustees have been voted back in by acclamation; Sorene Kampen, Anita Prescott, Sherry Berringer, Wayne Ezeard and Judy Clavier.  There are two seats available in Zone 3.  Here are the results from Zone 3.

Candidate Votes Elected
Trina Commandeur 398  
Richard (Dick) Powell 1260 X
Tamara Ziemer 943 X