The previous record was 24 set on the 9th of the month in 1996. In addition yesterday’s total came within one centimetre of surpassing the full month average snowfall for November, which is 30.3 centimetres.

Now comes the chore of digging out from the record dump, with 100 Street and 100 Avenue, as well as the public transit routes, getting first priority. Public Works and Utilities Director Don Demers anticipates it will likely be tomorrow morning before the plowing and snow removal crews reach other residential areas.

Needless to say the same situation is facing highway maintenance crews across the Peace Region, as the storm forced a number of road closures yesterday. The key to road maintenance progress will obviously be the forecast, and although it’s not ideal, if it’s accurate, it’s not likely to be a major problem.

Among the storm casualties will be today’s Santa Claus Parade. Citing public safety concerns, the city has decided to reschedule it to November 25, one week from today.