Fort St. John City Council approved applying for the grant at Monday’s meeting.

As each municipality is only allowed to make one application, the City had to choose between four recommendations made by the community: the skate park, a play space, gymnastics and the Kids Arena. The proposals were evaluated on the criteria of the grant, which include being for public infrastucture, having not yet been started and having a completion date of before March 31, 2015, having already been authorized by Council, following B.C.’s planning practices and gudelines, and meeting legislation requirements.

The other three projects did not qualify because they have not yet completed their planning process or received support of the City through a resolution.

Because the City currently receives all of the skate park donations, this application will create a $111,000 commitment from the City to the project. City staff also speculate that the grant could reduce the skate park group’s fundraising by 80 per cent.

The application must be submitted by December 28, 2011.