Substance refers to the ingestion of administration of any substance that is psychoactive, meaning it alters mood and consciousness. Psychoactive substances include caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and even some prescription medication.

Substance use can range from beneficial to problematic depending on the amount, method of ingestion, frequency and context of use. Misuse refers to use of a substance that has the potential to cause physical, psychological, economic or social issues.

Substance abuse can fall within a variety of categories, from social/recreational, experimental, regular use to addiction/dependency.

According to Northern Health, a recent Canadian cost Study based on data gathered in 2002, estimates that the overall social cost of substance misuse is $39.8 billion, representing a cost of $1267 per Canadian.

Neseret Bemient, a Mental Health and Addiction Services Nurse and Case Manager for Northern Health, says the risk of substance abuse is greater, the younger the user is.

A brand new addiction treatment centre is set to be constructed in Fort St. John in the near future, which aims to help those suffering from substance abuse problems.