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Taxpayers contract sparks debate among candidates

As previously reported, only mayoral candidate Don Irwin signed on to be a signatory to the contract, along with now 88 other civic election candidates in the province. Irwin justified his decision by saying he has had experience with the CTF, calling it a "good group".

"I believe it brings an accountability and a transparency to municipal government and it has the flexibility within it for all those provisions."

However, he was the only one who felt the same way. Brandon Joice, Bruce Christensen and Gord Klassen all say they felt it would need consultation of a full council, with Klassen adding some of the conditions of the contract "could be dangerous".

Dan Davies and Lori Ackerman have problems with the restrictions of some of the contract's provisions. They argue it would cut funding to non-profit groups, like Restorative Justice, of which Davies works with, as well as preventing the city from giving land, and donating money. Davies added that the ten points in the contract are basically covered in the community charter and city council's oath to office Anyways.

Mike Murray too feels the contract is too tight and short sighted. In agreement, Larry Evans, Dan Pope, Sarah Palmer, Trevor Bolin, Carol Kube and Byron Stewart all say they did the research, and weren't comfortable with signing. Kube added, "I thought, you know what? Before I sign a contract that has this many grey areas, I was going to run it by a lawyer."

Unfortunately, Tamara Wilkinson did not receive the email, but said that based on what she had heard that night, she would not be signing it.

The proposed contract can be viewed below.

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