Canfor offers truck drivers a raise

Logging truck drivers for the Canfor and Peace Valley OSB plants in Fort St. John went on strike yesterday, demanding a raise. Negotiations between the loggers and contractors are ongoing, and the Regional Manager for Canfor and a team are in Fort St. John attempting to work things out.

The increase will cost the company $2.8 million a year, something Kennedy says is not currently affordable.

"The demand for forest products is not at the strongest peak, because of the U.S. housing market, so it is going to take some time for demands to come back"

However, Kennedy says it's what the company has to pay to keep its workers. Adding that some trucks are already back hauling today, she says she hopes and trusts the negotiations today will be productive.

"We're gonna have faith that they're gonna get back to work reliably here real soon and that all of the issues will get resolved."

Offers from Canfor are being brought to the drivers for approval before any deal is made.

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