Travis Wiebe, 19, and Shane Wiebe, 18, of Dawson Creek, along with two other young suspects who cannot be identified, have been charged in relation to 17 break-ins in the Doe River, Rolla and One Island Lake Areas between Oct. 14 and 20. Three of the accused remain in police custody and are to appear in court on Nov. 8, while the fourth suspect was released on strict conditions of bail. More charges are expected to be laid as the investigation continues.

Over 40 firearms, including several handguns, were stolen from the rural properties in question, as well as hundreds of other items that included quads, generators, chainsaws, taxidermy equipment, boat motors, cooking appliances from the Doe River Rodeo Grounds, and a variety of other personal and seasonal items. In the course of their investigation, police executed search warrants at several sites in Dawson Creek and one property in Doe River and were able to locate most of the stolen property. Most of the stolen firearms, including all of the handguns, have been accounted for, though police believe four are still missing.

Almost all of the seized items have been accounted for, and police are arranging the return of those items with the property owners.