Jacquie Gulevich, a grade 12 student at the North Peace Secondary School, recently took part in the BCIC’s Innovation Exploration program, a two-day program, held on Oct. 24 and 25 in Victoria, B.C., providing high school students an opportunity to explore post secondary and career options within the region.

Over the two days, Gulevich, along with the 67 other B.C. high school students got to experience a wide variety of scientific activities, including a 72” reflecting telescope, an undersea virtual observatory, an interactive plate tectonics workshop as well as visit the UVic Genome Proteomics Lab.

Dr. Moira Sitwell, Parliamentary Secretary for Industry, Research and Innovation, says “I congratulate BCIC and its partners for giving these talented students a chance to see first-hand the exciting careers a science education can lead to. What a great way to inspire our best and brightest young innovators from all over B.C. and to prepare them for rewarding futures in our knowledge industry.

Gulevich even had the opportunity to speak at the program’s Innovation Exploration’s opening dinner Monday evening. Her project focused on harvesting cyanobacteria from a local lake to create biofuel, which earned her $3,300 at the 2011 Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Earlier in the year, she also earned a $4,000 BCIC Young Innovator Scholarship, and another $25,000 as the winner of the Province of B.C.’s Year of Science “Choose Science, Go Far, Win Big” Contest.

Over the course of the two-day program, students also had the opportunity to visit some of Victoria’s leading edge science and technology centers, including Victoria Advanced Technology Council, Vancouver Island Technology Park, the Institute for Ocean Sciences, among others.    

Mark Payne, Acting CEO of BCIC, says “this was a great opportunity for students to learn directly from Victoria’s science and tech leaders and decide for themselves what path they want to follow.”

Since 1990, Innovation Exploration provides B.C. Regional Science Fair winners the opportunity to explore the many post-secondary and career possibilities in science and technology.