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Candidate Trevor Allaby says finding costs savings in City operations his focus if elected to Dawson Creek city council

As the manager of Dominos Pizza in Dawson Creek, Allaby said he can apply his knowledge of managing costs to the City’s operations, looking at everything from the cost of stationery to the per diem rate paid to city councillors and staff for out-of-town travel.

He said he also thinks the budget should be made easier to read for the general public.  

With all of the uncertainty still looming over the global economy, Allaby said he fears the country could be headed towards a double-dip recession, and he feels the City should be putting money aside for the future.

“Some of the FairShare money I would like to use for an economic development fund,” he said. “I think we should plan for our future, and we are not really doing that very well.”

He said the city needs to focus on maintaining core infrastructure, and while he supports arts and culture, he does not think building a new arts centre was a wise investment.

“I think we should start reducing our costs before we keep spending money on gigantic capital projects.”

He added he thinks the Rage hockey team should be able to fundraise money for the team’s operations instead of relying on taxpayer subsidies.

As for the controversial changes to the utility rate structure implemented earlier this year, Allaby said he supports a user-pay system in principle, but thinks the rate structure should be reviewed to see if there are ways to reduce the costs to ratepayers.

He said he has glycoma that prevents him from driving, and as a pedestrian, he thinks more needs to be done to clear city sidewalks in the wintertime.

Allaby moved to Dawson Creek six years ago. Besides managing Dominos, the 19-year-old has also managed Tim Hortons and a Shell gas station. He said he has travelled extensively throughout North and South America, and even worked as a translator for the Danish consulate in Columbia.

Allaby said he has a keen interest in politics and sees himself entering provincial or federal politics in his future.

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