Joice graduated from North Peace Secondary School this year, and is currently studying psychology at Thompson Rivers University with the hopes of joining the Criminal Psychology program at Northern Lights College and one day working with the UN. He boasts he’ll be able to bring energy and youthfulness to council, adding that being young gives him a different perspective.

The son of an oil field industry worker, Joice grew up in various cities in Alberta, before moving to Fort St. John seven years ago. Although he doesn’t have political experience, Joice says he did well in social justice and cultural anthropology classes in high school and especially shone in debates.

He says his focus is on the youth vote, representing young people in the city. Unlike many teenagers, he feels a responsibility to contribute to the town he’s a resident of, and considers running for council the best way to do so. Being a youth himself, he believes he’ll have the best chance at getting other people his age to get involved in the democratic process.

“I want to get them involved because I want them to make their voice heard, because there’s a lot of things they want right now. They want financial security in the future, they’re worried about the spending that’s going on right now, and I want to make sure that they get their voice heard.”

His main focus is spending, and the future of the city if world markets drop.

“I’m thinking that the town might need to roll back on its ‘spend, spend, spend’ idea and deal with its debt first.”

Joice’s ideas for the city range from commissioning murals from high school art students to cover up graffiti around town to creating a youth learning centre alongside mayoral candidate Lori Ackerman. His campaign will be centred around social media, where he says the youth “reside”, spending a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook, as well as speaking to organizations around town.

Voters go to the polls on November 19, 2011.