Kube, a lifelong community member of Fort St. John, will be running for City Councillor in Fort St. John’s municipal election, taking place on Saturday, November 19.  

For the last ten years, Kube has been a community advocate and says she has spent a significant amount of time interacting with the portion of the community that doesn’t have the resources or financial means to attend council sessions on a regular basis, or even to run for council.  She says that these will be the voices she will represent, in order to help make council more accessible to the opinions and values of this community.  

She feels there is a whole other list of priorities that the city has yet to hear from, mainly the younger generation of citizens.

Kube’s intentions are to make City Council much more easily accessible to those who normally don’t get to express their opinion on a regular basis; one example of these ideas would be an online question and answer forum.

Regarding issues in the city, Kube intends to also focus on the youth of Fort St. John. She feels that the children within the city need a direction in order to keep motivated. She says it has to be something the youth would be interested in and something they can really become focused on. One idea she discussed was a youth government within the city.

Kube feels that a lifetime of Fort St. John residency and being an active participant within the community is advantageous when running for council.  She feels the public needs to be more engaged and as someone who is quite familiar with the city, she believes she is an appropriate candidate.

With regards to council, Kube praises their efforts so far, saying Fort St. John “has a good council doing a good job.” Although, she feels there has to be a more productive way for council to communicate to the public.

She also feels that the public needs to take more a proactive role in their community, especially when it comes to voting. She believes that the voice of everyone within the community needs to be heard, and voting is the perfect way to express themselves. Kube says it’s extremely important that all citizens take the first step of being heard, and execute their right to vote.   

General voting in Fort St. John takes place on Saturday, Nov. 19.