While in the cabaret, a dispute allegedly took place between Mr. Jones and Thomas Anthony McDonald.  The altercation was minor and quickly ended.

Jones and his wife left the cabaret and started driving home on the outskirts of Dawson Creek.  As their vehicle travelled south on the Hart Highway, Mrs. Jones realized a vehicle was following them.

Near the intersection of the Hart Highway and the Heritage Highway, someone fired several shots at the Jones’ vehicle.  One of those shots entered the vehicle and instantly killed Mr. Jones.

The Dawson Creek RCMP immediately set up a road block with the help of the Fort St. John RCMP.  McDonald was stopped at this roadblock and questioned, but the RCMP didn’t have enough evidence to arrested him.

Shortly after this incident, McDonald, who was visiting Fort St. John, allegedly returned to his home country.

Early in the investigation the RCMP believed McDonald was a person of interest in the case and continued their investigation even though McDonald had fled the country.  In 2009, McDonald returned to Canada and members of the Provincial Unsolved Homicide Unit were able to gather new evidence and information.

On Thursday, Crown Counsel approved a charge of First Degree Murder against Thomas Anthony McDonald.  On Friday, McDonald was arrested in Surrey without incident.

McDonald will make his first court appearance on Monday in Surrey and the RCMP believe this court case will be moved to Dawson Creek.