Palmer studied sociology, politics and urban planning at University of Winnipeg and the Institute of Urban Studies and moved to Fort St. John six years ago.

She says she’s always been very passionate about her community, and as Palmer is 29, she wants to challenge younger generations to get involved the decision making process.

“I find as a generation largely we’re uninterested in politics as a whole, or have adapted some pretty negative attitudes about government in general, so I’m really just looking to generate some awareness and get some people involved.”

Because of her education and her passion for the city, she thinks she’s the one for the job.

“I’m young and I’m keen and I’m going to work twice as hard as anybody who’s established themselves in politics because I’ve got to prove myself.”

But it’s not all about getting votes for herself; Sarah wants to get rid of voter apathy in the city. Only 23 per cent of eligible voters turned out in 2008, something she wants to change.

“Vote for me, vote for someone else, run yourself. I don’t care; just get involved.”

Tomorrow is the last day to hand in nomination forms to run for mayor or councillor. Papers will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. at City Hall.