Inability to unite council part of Mayor's decision not to rerun

Despite that, he calls being elected Mayor of Fort St. John one of the proudest moments of his life.

Lantz says he made the decision on a kayaking trip in August, but struggled with the idea of leaving some of the projects he was working on. However, it boiled down to whether he would be able to bring together another council.

"A better man than me perhaps could have fashioned a team out of this group; I couldn't. Given that I wasn't sure I could out of a new group, I thought it was better to step away and let someone else try for that."

Lantz says he is proud of his work on council, including selling sponsorship of the Pomeroy Sport Centre and the Music That Moves You bus program, and argues that he is choosing to leave, and has not been "hounded" out of office.

Admittedly, the last year of Lantz's mayoralty has not been without its ups and downs; in the spring Lantz apologized for two incidents that lead to sanctions on his travel abilities, blaming them on alcohol abuse. He is not allowed to meet or travel by himself with a City female employee or travel outside the region as a city representative unless council specifically consents to the travel and another Councillor can travel with him.

Council also voted to audit Lantz's expenses, which showed that he had made charges on the Mayor's Visa that had not been pre-approved, but which City Manager Dianne Hunter said he had reimbursed the City for.

Despite everything that has happened over his time in office, Lantz says his decision comes down to taking the time to consider what's important in life. He's reached the point where he wants to spend the rest of his life doing something he enjoys. With a background as a writer, he says that may even include writing a book.

"I'm going to focus on doing things I enjoy, I will take work that I enjoy, and I will strive to achieve what I've always said should be the benchmark of any job, which is the job should be fun 75 per cent of the time."

Lantz will continue in his position as Mayor until the first council meeting in December, after which he will take some time to travel and relax before returning to work, possibly in his media relations and marketing company Megamedia.

Currently three people are vying to take his spot, including Councillors Lori Ackerman and Don Irwin, and local businessman Mike Murray.

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