Thompson has experience as a delivery and cab driver, and says there is a need for a competitive taxi service.

Bernard’s Taxi would be “100 per cent aboriginally owned” and would offer debit on demand, car seats for children and newer vehicles. Flag rates would start at $3.00 with an additional $1.91 per kilometre.

Currently Teco Taxi charges $4.05 as a flag rate and a distance rate of $2.32. It was denied a 33 per cent rate increase in 2009 after receiving a 27 per cent increase in 2008.

Flat rates to Dawson Creek will be $100 and only $10 to the airport.

When asked about whether he had considered having an accessible van, he said he hadn’t but that it would be a possibility in the future.

Council also resolved to deal with the issue of taxi licenses being denied as Thompson is the third person to come forward looking for support for a taxi license.

When the Fort St. John Tourism Board made a presentation to the taxi commission in Dawson Creek about the need for a competitive service, it was told that there are more than enough taxis in the city, even though there are often as few as three on the streets.

Councillor Bruce Christensen argued that while he supports Thompson’s request, the commission denied someone else’s and he’s skeptical this will go differently.

“I don’t know how we can convince those individuals down south that we need another taxi. They just don’t get it.”

They voted to include this issue during the next city council trip to Victoria, as well as to make an appointment to discuss it with Minster of Transportation Blair Lekstrom in Dawson Creek ASAP.