Even with those high numbers, smokers in the North really haven’t taken advantage of the program.  Out of the 7,100 who have registered only 318 are from Northern B.C.

In the 2010 Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey, British Columbia had the lowest smoking rate nationally for the 12th year in a row at 14.3 per cent. However, in Northeast B.C., the average rate was recorded at 23.1 per cent.

The Province is providing eligible B.C. Residents with a single continuous course of treatment lasting up to 12 consecutive weeks with either a prescription smoking cessation drug or an NRT product once every calendar year.

As part of the smoking cessation program, varenicline (Champix) and bupropion (Zyban) are also covered by B.C. PharmaCare and are available with a prescription. People will need to see their doctor for a prescription and be registered in a PharmaCare plan to receive coverage for these products. The level of coverage will depend on a person’s PharmaCare plan.

To register for the program call 8-1-1 or go online to www.quitnow.ca