Christensen has been on city council since 2006 when he was voted in during a by-election.

He says he wants to stay on council to continue the work that’s been done over the past few years. That includes creating a really good picture of Fort St. John to get industries to move here, like he did 24 years ago.

“They say, ‘you guys are so lucky’, and yeah, we think we’re lucky but we also think it’s maybe because of the mood that we as council have set and the environment we have created to entice people to come here.”

Since his election, Christensen’s proud of the relationship he’s helped build with the rural communities.

“I have worked hard to build that relationship. I will continue to work hard to build that relationship. I don’t think you can ever quit; it’s like a marriage. You have to work at that every day, and I believe the relationship between rural and urban has to be worked on every day.”

He says he tries to be ethical, trustworthy and hard working, and hopes that’s shown in his involvement as an alternate director on the Peace River Regional District and his work with the Rotary Club, Elks of Canada, his church and senior’s housing.

He believes Fort St. John is on the cusp of becoming something bigger and he wants to continue to be a part of that. If nothing else, he hopes to in some way change Fort St. John for the better.

“The recognition is not important. I hope that what’s important is the legacy that I’ve left if I’ve left any legacy at all. That’s what I hope to do, to leave the city better than when it was when I first came here or first got on council.”

Civic elections take place on November 19, 2011.