Spotlight on Fort St. John talent

Taking place at the NPCC Saturday night, the building will be filled with various homegrown talent.

In the Peace Gallery North, roots and blues musicians Joel Maddigan, Gidd Hampton and Dave Tolley will be performing while the audience checks out a North Peace Spinners and Weavers exhibit and sips from the wine bar. The loft will feature various Bluegrass artists, including the Wilms Sisters, who are opening for the Abrams Brothers on October 14.

Poets Christy Jordan-Fenton and Dave Constable will be performing in the library alongside improv actors. Pottery and photography will be available for purchase in the Concourse, along with CDs from the performing artists.

The main event starts at 8:15 in the theatre: a concert featuring Lindsay Pratt, Naomi Shore, Jayden Stafford, Folky Strum Strum's Iyan Bruvold, Josh Giesbrecht and Reno Fitch.

The evening starts at 7:00 p.m., October 8, and best of all is free thanks to a donation from the North Peace Credit Union. Tickets must still be picked up from the box office to ensure a seat at the show.

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