Room to run in School District election

Only Ida Campbell and Linda Sewell have confirmed they will be seeking reelection this fall.

As announced Monday, Zone 5 Trustee Gord Klassen will be seeking election as city councillor this November, and will not be returning to the school board after 6 years of service. He dropped off his nomination papers today.

After 20 years of work as a trustee, Gord Anderson will be retiring at the end of this year. He's making his way to a warmer climate, planning on spending time on a property in Arizona City. He says it's been hard work being on the school board, but that it's "all been worth it".

Also not planning to run this year is Erin Evans, who will be having her second child shortly.

With both Heather Hannaford and Jaret Thompson still on the fence, there will be space for newcomers to take a shot at running.

Despite the seeming lack of returning trustees, Superintendent Larry Espe says he's not worried. He says that a few people have been talking to himself and other trustees about putting their name in, and he's sure that by the deadline to apply, there will be enough candidates this election.

"At this point, just based on conversations with people, there is a liklihood that we'll have enough people that have picked up papers that we will possibly have an election, instead of acclamation."

Espe, along with all of the current trustees, encourages anyone with an interest in public education to find out about the process and to become involved with the school board.

Anyone who is interested can get information and forms from the School District Administration Office at 10112-105th Ave or call 250-262-6008 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Nominations are being accepted at the Administration Office until October 14th.

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