Mayor Bruce Lantz made a presentation to the Committee representing the City. His recommendations are based on “inequities” he sees in how municipal governments are funded.

He says the City suggests creating a task force to take a look at the funding formulas that apply to municipalities, with participation from members of municipal government.

“Instead of putting band aids on – historic ways of handling funding – perhaps we could come up with a new and better formula.”

That includes correcting some of the lopsided funding of city services used by the Regional District. Lantz cites that the PRRD funds $20,000 a year for the Fort St. John Library, but 30 per cent of library users come from the Regional District, an uneven proportion.

Representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, the North Peace Senior’s Housing Foundation, the North Peace Justice Society as well as businessman Ross Bannerman also made presentations to the committee.

The Committee is visiting 13 cities and holding 2 videoconference hearings covering an additional 8 areas. Members of the public are also invited participate by sending a written submission, responding to the online survey, or submitting an audio or video file.

The Committee’s recommendations following the road trip will be presented to the Finance Minister by November 15, 2011.