In attendance were her family, many supporters wearing “LORI” pins and several of her fellow city councillors.

Both Bruce Christensen and Dan Davies plan to support Ackerman in her run for mayor as they too rerun for their positions as City Councillors. Trevor Bolin was also in the crowd, but said he would be waiting until all of the nominations are in before making an endorsement.

In her nomination speech, Ackerman outlined three programs she’s already starting.

The first is an email initiative starting during her campaign to be taken on by council once sworn in, to update the community on what they’re doing and how they feel about certain issues.

The second plan is to host a quarterly “Coffee and Conversation” where the mayor and two councillors can have informal discussions with the community.

The last is simply to make use of the walking track.

“Come find us and walk with us,” she said, holding up a t-shirt reading “Walk With Me”.

Ackerman’s campaign is centered around financial stability and making a better name for Fort St. John. She wants to get rid of the idea that the city is somewhere to move to for six months or a year and then leave.

“It’s important for us to tell the world that we’re not just a grubby town where, ‘okay, I’m going to put a year in and put it on my resume’.”

Ackerman also wants to work to represent the area as the energy capital of B.C. She says the city has to realize it has three first dollar industries here – agriculture, forestry and oil and gas.

“The opportunity to build on those is right here and we’re letting it slide away. We need to grab the reigns again.”

Ackerman will have competition to do so as fellow councillor Don Irwin has also submitted his papers to run for mayor, and potential candidates have 10 more days to do the same.